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May 18th, 2016

 For Immediate Release

Andrew Warren Releases Community Engagement Proposal for State Attorney’s Office

Tampa, FL — Today, Andrew Warren released a community engagement proposal aimed at rebuilding trust between the public and the State Attorney’s Office.  The foundation of the plan is built on regular contact with the community, as well as new technology aimed at creating an ongoing dialogue with the public and instilling confidence in the work the State Attorney performs.

“The cornerstone of any public institution is trust.  Nowhere is that more important than in a public prosecutor working for the taxpayers,” Warren said.  “As a Department of Justice prosecutor going after some of the worst fraudsters in the country, I fought for taxpayers every day.  Voters deserve that same dedication in our State Attorney, and they deserve assurance of a job well done.”

Warren’s proposal seeks to improve the relationship between the State Attorney and the public by making the State Attorney more accessible and allowing for regular interaction between the State Attorney's Office and the community to discuss criminal justice issues.  The proposal follows the Department of Justice's Community Oriented Policing Services report regarding bicycle stops, an issue for which the incumbent State Attorney has been criticized for his failure to participate in community forums regarding race and law enforcement.  The State Attorney’s work attendance has also recently come into question, with keycard records showing he came to the office only five days in the month of March.

 “The job of the State Attorney requires not just managing the office of prosecutors but also engaging with the community to prevent and reduce crime,” Warren said.  “This is a simple step to improve relations between the office and the community, and I’m happy to make this commitment to Hillsborough County,” Warren concluded.

The proposal includes three pillars to be phased in during the first six months of a Warren administration with specific aspects to follow open meetings with community members, activists, and advocates.

  1. Once a year, the State Attorney will hold an open forum with members of the community and his deputies to report on the direction of the office and changes over the previous 12 months.  The meetings will be broadcast online and available through the State Attorney’s website.
  2. Every quarter, the State Attorney will host a community workshop with his deputies and community leaders to address specific concerns raised by constituents.  This, also, will be broadcast online and available through the State Attorney’s website.
  3. The State Attorney’s Office will implement new technology to track charging, plea, and sentencing information with other metadata in an effort to target crime more efficiently and ensure cases are being handled consistently.  These stats will also be available to the public on the website.


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